Thursday, June 25, 2009


I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to start writing for the ZZYRUS blog occasionally.  By no means does that mean that Pacific Radio Fire is shutting down or that things will slow down here.  If anything things should be speeding up little by little.  If you have been enjoying what we have been providing here than I would suggest you add ZZYRUS to your favorites.  From now on it will be in our blog list as well.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cult Ritual-LP

I highly recommend everyone to visit the Youth Attack site in our link section to get your self a copy of the new Cult Ritual LP.  This is the debut album from one of the most quality bands around right now period.  On previous releases Cult Ritual have altered their sound rather drastically from record to record and this one again follows a different direction.  If you have never heard of Cult Ritual I would recommend picking up their earlier 3 EPs first but this record would not be a bad place to start either.  I would imagine that the dudes in this band have nice record collections.    

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame

The jazz-rock fusion age of the 70's got pretty weird at times. But Inner Mounting Flame is a great record by Mahavishnu Orchestra, led by John McLaughlin. He was most famous for playing with Miles Davis on his "In a Silent Way" and "Bitches Brew" records. The name Mahavishnu Orchestra came from Sri Chimnoy (nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize) who was a spiritual guide to McLaughlin and others like Santana. This record starts out pretty intense with "Meeting of the Spirits" then calms down with songs like "Dawn" and "Lotus on Irish Streams". All the musicians on this record were top tier musicians of the 70's and McLaughlin's guitar playing and composing border on insanity. Bands trying to copy McLaughlin's style these days, like Mars Volta, don't come anywhere close. They just end up sounding like untalented 15 year olds making a bunch of noise. Then 30 year olds with tight pants, a lot of hair, and no knowledge of music don't know any better and think it's talented jamming. Listen to this record, compare the two, then you'll notice the difference. "You Know You Know" is sampled in Mos Def's song "Kalifornia". Enjoy.

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew

Here are some fun tunes I put together for my brother on his birthday tomorrow.  Although we both have very different tastes in music we did grow up in the same house so I think we can't help but see eye to eye on a bunch of stuff.  It's been a while since we had a chance to talk about music but I know you like some of the more classic tracks on here and I think you will dig the rest as well.  Happy Birthday Brozef.

I know everyone else that reads this blog might not be interested in this but this playlist is full of awesome songs that you should enjoy either way.

1.Funkadelic-Good Old Music
2.The Beach Boys-Til I Die
3.Black Merda-Reality
4.The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Cabin Fever
5.Can-Tango Whiskeyman
6.Elijah & The Ebonies-Hot Grits!!!
7.Eek A Mouse-Slowly But Surely
8.Herbie Hancock-Watermelon Man
9.Index-Shock Wave
10.The Flying Burrito Brothers-Cody, Cody
11.Jackie Mitto-Good Feeling
12.Jacob Miller-Forward Ever
13.Les Fleur De Lys-Moondreams
14.Mission of Burma-Academy Fight Song
15.The Music Machine-Hey Joe
16.People Under the Stairs-Pulp Fiction Featuring Murs
17.Red Cross-Annette's Got the Hits
18.Otis Gayle-I'll Be Around
19.The Velvet Underground-Sweet Jane (Live @ Max Kansas City)
20.Syd Barrett-Octopus

The Garbage and the Flowers-Eyes Rind as if Beggars

This band reminds me of a kiwi sonic youth with touches of the Microphones at times.  The Garbage and the Flowers are another Flying Nun group from the eighties that played music that is still completely relevant today.  I was actually pretty surprised the first time I heard this record because it seems so close to a lot of the semi-structured experimental garage stuff going on these days.  Another reason I especially like "Eyes Rind as if Beggars" is it seems to be a little bit more folk influenced than a lot of the other mid to late eighties flying nun groups.  Also on a few tracks they take a slightly more straightforward rock and roll approach that would have fit in with nicely with the paisley underground in Los Angeles.