Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fuel - Monuments to Excess

In the late 80's and early 90's, the best bands playing the type of music Fuel played came out of Washington D.C. Revolution Summer bands like Embrace, Rites of Spring, Ignition, Fugazi, etc. were playing great post-hardcore that usually consisted of two guitars, more melodic jams, and catchy songs. Surely Fuel heard these bands and decided to play the type of music that makes this record so awesome. Coming out of the Bay Area, Fuel first released the EP Take Effect on Lookout Records. Then later that year they released "Monuments to Excess", which made the Revolution Summer sound popular on the West Coast. Songs like the Fugazi sounding "Disengaged" to the emo-instrumental "2:52" show that sound more than ever. Then songs like "Remains To Be Seen" and "Incomplete" have a more west coast punk sound. This record is definitely a classic.

Fuel - Monuments to Excess


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  2. I picked up both Fugazi's ep's in 1989. I knew that the D.C. scene and people like Ian were going in a different direction. To be honest, I had no idea of the Revolution Summer of 1985. In 1985 I was knee deep in hardcore and discovering crossover punk/metal. Living in an area of So Cal between L.A. and the Mojave desert, I was a little late in the different kinds of music in the underground and how they were changing. However, the rare Flipside fanzine and MRR fanzine would make its way to our town and I would certainly pick it up. In the late summer of 1990 I picked up Fuel on cassette. I immediately caught on the the Fugazi influence. But, then there was more, in fact, it was, for me, the Fugazi sound but with a bit more punk rock involved. I loved the cassette! I have an interview they did with MRR somewhere in my messy dusty closet from 1990. Anyway, the music holds up all these years. A great band with a statement in this this album. Find this album for the way post-punk was meant to be played. Hmm, to this day, I still believe they are better than Fugazi. Yes I do!