Monday, January 25, 2010

Teenage Fanclub - A Catholic Education

Like a lot of my favorite albums "A Catholic Education" by Teenage Fanclub doesn't really fit neatly into any category. This is probably the reason that they gained popularity so quickly and why so many consider this record a classic. In my opinion this record is a perfect marriage of the better aspects of britpop in combination with a big star influence which would play a bigger role in later albums. One thing I enjoy about this album is that throughout the album the songs are actually pretty varied but the songwriting and musicianship stay consistent. For some reason the term "solid" always comes to mind when I think of this album because it really seems like everything came together perfectly. Even if you have heard "Bandwagonesque" or "Thirteen" and felt like Teenage Fanclub weren't your thing I would recommend giving "A Catholic Education" a try.


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