Thursday, February 4, 2010

Double-O - You've Lost EP

There is nothing better than harDCore. Starting with Teen Idles then continuing with Minor Threat, SOA, Government Issue, etc., the harDCore scene began in Washington, D.C. with a bang. While bands like Black Flag were writing songs about drinking and being wasted (awesome in their own right) on the West Coast, bands in D.C. were writing about Straight Edge and being pissed off about the state of things in general. After bands like Minor Threat and SOA broke up, the Revolution Summer era began in D.C. and brought bands like Embrace, Rites of Spring, and Ignition. Somewhere in the middle came Double-O. This band was unique in terms of their composition, like the synthesizers in the beginning of "Death of a Friend". They had awesome guitar jams with great lyrics and an even greater logo. I'm not sure if this record is even available on CD. This copy is a rip of the 7". It was a split release between R&B and Dischord in '83. Have you ever heard anything bad from this era that was released on Dischord? Me neither.

Double-O - You've Lost

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